Pliers Torches
Chain Nose Pliers Smith Jewelers Torch
Half Round Pliers  Oxy & Acetylene Torch
Round Nose Pliers  Smith Mini Oxy & Acetylene Torch
Parallel Jaws
 Hammers  Soldering
Ball Peen  Bricks
Planishing  Picks
Cross Peen  Tweezers
Rawhide  Charcoal Bowl
Forging  Cross Lock Tweezers
 Files  Third Hand
Large Hand Files  Pickle
Assorted Needle Files  Solder (for sale)
 Anvils  Mandrels
Flat Bench Block Anvil  Oval Bracelet Mandrel
Small Stakes  Round Bracelet Mandrel
Desktop Anvils  Oval and Round Bezel Madrels
 Vice  Ring Mandrel
 Bench Pins  Dapping Tools
 Ring Clamps  Wood
 Saw Frames  Metal
4 Inch  Ultra-Sonic
6 Inch  Polishing Compounds
Blades  Tripoli
 Sanding Sticks  Rouge
 Dremel Tool  Rolling Mill
Drills  Sheet Milling
Burrs  Wire Milling
Polishing wheels  Kilns
Texture wheels  Small Trinket
 Stone Setting  Enamel Kiln
Straight and Curved Burnishers  Digital Kiln