Make Your Own

Written by Barbara Kennedy

I have had couples come to my studio to make wedding rings for each other.  How romantic, unique, and special!

In my studio, I sit down with the couple and we design the rings and then I teach them how to make their rings. They do the work.  The cost is very modest and the experience is fun and full of meaning.

Here is an example of one couple’s rings:

For these rings, the couple created a design and we made them out of Silver PMC.  PMC is precious metal clay which comes in Silver, Gold, and Bronze.  The Silver PMC is genuine silver metal in a binder.  You handle it in a manner similar to clay.  Once you have your piece formed you let it dry.   The dried rings are put it in the digital kiln and fired.  The result are beautiful sterling silver wedding rings.

Below is a picture of the rings just out of the kiln.


The next step is to use the tumbler and the buff to polish them.  Here is what they look like finished:

For this couple the class charge was under $60 and the material cost was under $100 – totaling under $160 for a set of one of a kind wedding rings.

Every couple is different. Some rings are constructed.  The total price depends on what materials you choose and the complexity of the piece.  I love working with couples and working within your budget and desires.

Here are some more examples of rings made by student couples: