Open Lab

openlabFor your projects I offer students time in 3 hour labs to use the studio tools. This is open to students who have taken the beginning classes. Some metal available for purchase.

Time:$10/hr, 3 hrs minimum
Minimum Total Cost: $30

Spinner Ring

spinnerringChoose metal of spinning bands for this ring: gold filled, hammered silver, twisted silver wire, and add patina for interest. There are three stages in making this ring: the inner sleeve, the spinners, and the cap end pieces.

Time: 5 hours ($150)
Materials: $50
Total Cost: $200

Viking Knit

vikingknitLearn to weave 26 gauge wire around a dowel to create a woven wire piece for uses in bracelets, necklaces, and whatever your creative mind can think of.  Nice end caps will give your finished piece a beautiful professional look. You may also add lampwork pieces, crystal rondells, and a clasp of your choosing or learn to make a clasp out of wire.

Time: 5 hours ($150)

Materials: $25

Total Cost: $175

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